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Computers and technology

Interactive White Boards

Large, wide screen digital interactive white boards are in all classrooms to stimulate and extend student learning.

New Resource Centre

Our new resource centre consists of a large open plan area which contains a large interactive white board and high capacity wireless connection to the internet.  It also boasts a green room and fifteen laptops.

Learning Technology Centre (LTC)

Our Learning Technology Centre contains 28 networked laptop computers with internet access in an air-conditioned room, and can be used for multimedia-based lessons by teachers across the year levels. The LTC is used throughout the day for class lessons and for student recreation during break times. 


IPads are great learning tools, there is an App for just about everything.  All classes now have iPads available and five classrooms are equipped with a bank of 8-10 iPads which have recently been used to create advertisements in iMovie, bringing persuasive texts to life.

All classes, except year one who love using their iPads, also have laptops and desktop computers that are in constant use for curriculum support and learning tasks. 

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