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Two Minute Zone


The Two Minute Zone operates on Settlement Road in the drop-off zone closest to the school oval. The Two Minute Zone is run by a Supervisor provided by the school each afternoon between 2.50pm and 3.15pm.  

These zones allow passengers to be dropped off or picked up without affecting traffic flows.

The Two Minute Zone must be used like a quick moving taxi rank. 

Cars need to move forward in the queue of vehicles to the curb painted Green.  

This is the safe zone for children entering a vehicle.  

Some helpful tips when picking your child/children up from Two Minute Zone;

1. Remind your children in the morning that you will be picking them up in the afternoon from the Two Minute Zone (especially the young ones – they usually need a reminder each time) and to get to the pick-up area as soon as possible after the school bell.

2. Please also remind your children that they are to remain at the Two Minute Zone seating area, listening for their names to be called.  They are not to drop their bag and then go off playing.

3. It is best not to enter the Two Minute Zone until the bell has rung and your child has had time to get to the Two Minute Zone seating area.  This may mean arriving in the area no earlier than 2:55 pm. 

4. There is NO PARKING in the Two Minute Zone. Cars are only allowed TWO (2) minutes in the signed area (if you take any longer you can be fined BCC, QPS)—if your child/children are not ready to get straight into your vehicle at pick-up time, you will need to drive round the block and queue to enter the area again. 

5. Please ensure that your child/children’s SURNAME is clearly printed on your name card and that the name card is attached firmly to your front passenger visor.

6. Parents/carers are requested to stay in their car. However, once in the green zone you may get out of your vehicle briefly to quickly help your children get in or out safely. You must not walk away from your vehicle.

7. After the 3:15pm bell, uncollected students will be taken to the office for collection by parents/caregivers.

8. In the mornings the same rules apply – parents/carers are to remain in their car while children get out of the car.  You should only let your children out once you have pulled into the signed area (it is dangerous to let them out while waiting in a queue). If you need to assist/walk your child to class, please park your car in the street surrounding the school.  Please do not use the Two Minute Zone if you need to park and assist/walk your child to class in the mornings!

9. If you park longer in these zones, even if you remain in your car, you may be fined.  Make sure these spaces are only used to pick up or drop off during the designated times as per the BCC Traffic signs.  The traffic rules are not the schools rules, they are the BCC rules.  Please check their website for further information.