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Gifted and talented enrichment program


The Gap State School provides an enrichment and extension program for Gifted and Talented students.
This program aims to complement all other curriculum programs within the school. It provides diverse extension and enrichment activities for individuals and/or groups in the Year 1 – Year 6 classrooms. 
•           Develop higher order and creative thinking abilities.
•           Provide diverse learning experiences
•           Develop students’ gifts and talents.
Activities are planned to complement Education Queensland C2C units as per year levels.
The groups work on higher level thinking using skills such as
•  Six Thinking Hats
•  Creative thinking skills (Fluency, Flexibility, Originality, Elaboration, Curiosity and Complexity)
• Thinker’s Keys
•  Maker Model (Content, Process, Product and Learning Environment)
• Blooms Taxonomy
•  Multiple Intelligences.
Through their participation, the students further develop their abilities and self-confidence as well as obtain a strong sense of individual and group achievement.
How are the students selected?
Giftedness in a student is commonly characterised by an advanced pace of learning, quality of thinking or capability for remarkably high standards of performance compared with students of the same age.
Highly able students who fit most of the learning characteristics below are selected:
•           Learn quickly and readily
•           Recall facts and basic concepts easily but may become frustrated       
             and bored if  learning pace is too slow
•           Have a broad general knowledge
•           Think quickly with advanced understanding
•           Make sense of patterns and relationships
•           Reason analytically and critically in complex ways
•           Use advanced vocabulary and express ideas clearly and fluently
•           Avid reader
•           Leaders - take responsibility for self and others
•           Curious about how and why things work
•           Put unrelated ideas together in new and different ways
•           Strong imagination
•           Show a capacity to be independent and self-sufficient
•           Kids who ‘bubble up’ - keen to learn and are creative

Extracurricular enrichment and extension options

The Gap State School Robotics Program
The aim of this Robotics program is to give students opportunities to learn about the fundamentals of a robot’s world and at the same time, learn building, constructing and basic programming of robots.
This program provides a cross-curricular challenge for students in Maths, Science, and Technology.  It requires and develops skills in problem solving, estimation, logical thinking, mechanisms, computer programming, time management and team work.
The students also compete in the Queensland Robocup Competition which has three competition categories – Dance, Rescue and Soccer.
Our students have had successes in the Queensland Regional Robocup Competition in the Dance category. 
The Optiminds Challenge
What is Opti-Minds?  Opti-Minds is a creative problem-solving program for teams of participants from preschool to adults in Queensland. Students are required to solve demanding, open-ended challenges from one of the following categories:  Language Literature, Science Engineering and Social Sciences.
Here at The Gap State School, students nominate themselves for the OptiMinds Challenge with great success.  As long as the students are committed and enjoy team problem solving and a whole lot of fun, no students are excluded.
Other programs
In addition to the Robotics program and Optiminds, TGSS students participate in
-          Debating
-          Chess Club
-          Science Fair
-          Leadership camps
-          Literacy Olympics
-          Maths/Science/Technology Competition
-          Young Scholars Program (Years 5 – 6)
-          Bardon Young Writers’ workshop
-          Maths Olympiad
Some activities are during school hours and some are outside school time.
Gifted and talented coordinator-Karyn Hume

For more information on TGSS’s Gifted Education program, please contact Karyn Hume, Deputy Principal and Gifted Education Mentor on (07) 3511 3333
  • Robotics

    The Gap State School offers placements to students into its robotics program.