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My name is Andrew Pickard and I am the Chaplain at The Gap State School. I have been a School Chaplain for 13 years in two states - Queensland and Victoria.  I am currently studying Primary School teaching at Swinburne University.  My Hobbies are; sport (golf, cricket and surfing), watching old BBC comedies and spending time with my wife and family.

A state school Chaplaincy service complements, rather than duplicates the work of other school-based support staff.  These services provide students, staff and parents with social, emotional and spiritual support; provide an additional adult role model in the school and enhance engagement with the broader community including parents.  Chaplains provide a listening ear, caring presence and message of hope as students seek to deal with a wide range of issues such as family problems, friendship issues, peer pressure, self-esteem issues and self-control. 

Chaplaincy activities include:

• Participation in school camps, excursions, sports days, lunchtime activities, graduation and other important celebrations, assemblies, school committees, staff activities.

• Facilitates and promotes Social and Emotional Learning through the whole school program You Can Do It! Education.

• Provides information for parents through the Gazette and information sessions on Social and Emotional Learning.

• Participates in School Leadership Programs and Student Council Activities.

• Networks with local support agencies and organisations to provide a broad range of support services to the school community.

I take part in many of the general activities that occur in the life of the school as support to staff and students.

My work days at The Gap are; an alternative Monday and every Tuesday and Wednesday.  My office is located in the MPB.  
If you have any enquiries about the Chaplaincy service, please don’t hesitate to see me or contact the school.

My email address is ​