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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Gap State School is an enrolment managed school. Further information on the enrolment management plan can be found under Catchment Area section of this website enrolment management plan. To establish the catchment area of an address, please go to the Department of Education catchment map and use the search functions provided.

For Prep enrolments, the Queensland Government's prep ready reckoner calculator is available to assist in determining when your child is eligible for their preparatory (Prep) year.

2023 Enrolments

Expressions of interest for 2023 enrolments at The Gap State School are currently accepted online. ​To submit an expression of interest, please go to the ​Expression of Interest Online Form​ link provide on this page.

Prep 2023

Prep 2023 enrolment interviews for eligible students have commenced and will continue through until 21 June 2022. An invitation to book an enrolment interview will be emailed to parents from the school after the school's receipt of an expression of interest form, for eligible students.

Student enrolment eligibility criteria:

  • primary place of residence is in the school's catchment area, or;
  • an older sibling already enrolled at The Gap State School, and;
  • Prep 2023 - date of birth between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2018.
For students who reside out of the school's catchment area and do not have a sibling already enrolled at the school, offers of enrolment for Prep 2023 will be considered after the first round of enrolment interviews is complete, anticipated from July 2022. If and when space in the year level permits, an out of catchment offer of enrolment is made by email from the school to the parent/carer.

Years 1-6 2023

2023 Enrolment interviews for students in Years 1-6, ​whose primary place of residence is inside of the school's catchment area, will be held from Term 3 in 2022. 

Out-of-Catchment Expression of Interest

Families who reside outside the school's catchment area are invited to submit an expression of interest for enrolment in Prep - Year 6.

Submitting an expression of interest does​​ not guarantee enrolment. All expressions of interest will be recorded on the school's database for potential offers of enrolment by the Principal if a suitable place is, or becomes, available.

Out of catchment offers of enrolment for students in Years 1-6, for 2023 will commence in the second half of Term 3 in 2022.

Current Year Enrolments

For enrolments after the first day of the school year, for families who reside in the school's catchment area, please complete the Expression of Interest online form attached to this page and contact the school office by phone to commence the enrolment process.  

Enrolment forms are available by request from the school office.

Supporting documents to be submitted with enrolment forms are:

  • current proof of residential address indicated on the enrolment form:
    • One primary source (a current lease agreement, rates notice, or unconditional contract of sale), and;
    • One secondary document – a utilities bill (e.g. electricity, gas) showing this same address and parent's / legal guardian's name;
  • current Passport and Visa if from outside Australia;
  • documentation from previous school including a recent Report Card;
  • medical and/or other applicable reports (including for Special Needs Students).
After the school's receipt of the completed enrolment forms and supporting documents, an enrolment interview will be arranged, where you will be requested to provide further documentation, including:
  • evidence of student’s date of birth (e.g. Birth Certificate) and Australian residency;
  • samples of work such as daily workbooks, which the class teacher will return following perusal.​
Enrolment enquiries during school holidays - The school office closes for the duration of Queensland school holidays, except for the last week of the Christmas holiday period. Expressions of interest submitted online during school holidays may not receive a response until the office reopens after holiday periods.

Last reviewed 02 June 2022
Last updated 02 June 2022