Welcome to The Gap State School Library.

The Gap State School Library

I’m Mrs ten Hacken, the Teacher Librarian here at TGSS. I work on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Mrs Sharon Rogers is the Library Teacher-Aide and works in the library Monday to Thursday.

The Gap State School Library is a welcoming and vibrant place for exploring, learning, socialising and fun. It is shared space and belongs to the whole school community. It incorporates the Library and the Learning Technology Centre (LTC) Makerspace

Students are strongly encouraged to borrow fortnightly and are given opportunity to do so with a scheduled class visit to the library. If students wish to borrow more frequently (or they forget their book on their scheduled day), they are able to return and borrow outside of their scheduled weekly class borrowing time.

The library is open before school from 8.30am and after school until 3.00pm, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for returning and borrowing books. It is also open at both breaks during the week (except Friday afternoons). 

As well as access to thousands of books and digital resources, The Gap State School provides board games, drawing materials, comfortable areas to sit and friendly faces to all those who enter. We are open to suggestions from students about how to improve the usability and enjoyment of the space. Parents are always welcome to come in and have a look around. Feel free to come and say hi!

Learning Technology Centre (LTC) Makerspace

The LTC Makerspace is a flexible learning space inside the library, that incorporates a computer laboratory and is used to assist students and teachers to best reach learning and curriculum goals. The class-set of high quality laptops (along with a large screen television) are used for a myriad of e-learning activities including: word processing, creating presentations, video editing, Internet research, publishing, cyber safety courses, and of course, games. 

We have also recently purchased a 3D printer. Students have access to a range of robotic devices and iPads during breaks (and during class at various times throughout the year). Craft materials and various other hands-on STEM resources, such as Science and construction kits are also available for students to work with.

Students are able to access the LTC Makerspace during second break (after the eating time). They are permitted to access programs on laptops and iPads that: have been used during classes; are educational; or age-appropriate, non-violent games.

- Years 1 to 3: Mondays and Wednesdays at Second break

- Years 4 -6: Tuesdays and Thursday at Second break

STEAM kids is a group of students (facilitated by teachers and teacher-aides) who are taught the relevant skills and are given particular challenges to work on each term, e.g. Robotics, coding, construction (and deconstruction!). Students who wish to be part of STEAM kids must commit to attending regularly (at least weekly) for a full term. Interested students sign up with Mrs Melinda Peters (Teacher-aide)​

- Years 1 to 3: Mondays and Wednesdays at First break

- Years 4 -6: Tuesdays and Thursday at First break

If you have any questions about anything that happens in the library, please don’t hesitate to come and see me or contact me by e-mail on

​Online Resources

The Gap State School uses an online Library Management System, called Concord Infiniti, which students can access from home. Both the physical library and ebooks digital library catalogue, as well as an online encyclopaedia, Britannica School, are available using Concord Infiniti. Log-in details for these and other Digital Learning Resources are included in the PDF attachment (in the right hand corner of this page).

Username: student’s MIS (eg. Ltenh1)
Password: ch@ngeme
Last reviewed 03 April 2020
Last updated 03 April 2020