​​​​At The Gap State School we support healthy eating; as such we provide reasonably priced, high quality, nutritious food and drinks.

The tuckshop is an initiative of The Gap State School’s Parent’s and Citizen’s Association and adopts the mandatory Smart Choices – Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland Schools.

The tuckshop is run by a convenor and is staffed by parent/carer volunteers.

​Tuckshop is open Wednesday - Friday.
First Break only.

Orders can be placed online via Flexischools up to 8:45am for same day.
Sushi orders for Thursday must be received by no later than midday Wednesday.

Tuckshop is CLOSED on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Window service is available for drink, snack and ice-block purchases.  All meals and hot food must be pre-ordered by 8:45am.  Cash is accepted.

Orders can be placed online using Flexischools from Week 1 of every term.  See the school newsletter for any updates to service.  

Please remember to update your child's class on Flexischools at the start of each year.

You can register on Flexischools by visiting

How can you help?
There are two main ways in which parents/carers are able to help the tuckshop.

Volunteering in the tuckshop
This involves a session for only a few hours, beginning at approximately 9am through until 11:30am on opening days. You will be helping with checking off children’s orders, preparing food, serving children and cleaning-up. Full training is provided so come along and join in the fun.

While we do need parent/carer volunteers who are willing to commit to a regular rostered day once a week or once a month, we still welcome volunteers who are available to give any amount of time.

Volunteering at the tuckshop is a fabulous way to meet other parents/carers while actively contributing to our school.

Students love to see someone they love behind the counter at tuckshop!

Home-baking Team
If you are unable to volunteer in the tuckshop you could volunteer to become a member of our wonderful home-baking team.

We have a home-baking system whereby volunteers bake and donate freshly baked items that will be sold at the tuckshop in both bag orders and over the counter.

There is a roster system for both volunteering in the tuckshop and for home-baking and our convenors would love to hear from you to add you to the roster. Flexible shifts are available at times that suit you.

If you are interested in volunteering either in the tuckshop or as a home-baker please complete the volunteer form and drop it into the tuckshop or the school office or alternatively, you can send an email. 

Our email address is:​​

How to place an order (if not using Flexischools)
Filling out your child’s tuckshop bag/s correctly is simple but very important as this will ensure that your child receives the food you have ordered.
The bag/s need to include the following information:
•Child’s full name
•Child’s class
•Food choices with the cost of each individual item written next to it
•Total money enclosed

Please fold over the top of the bag securely to ensure that the money does not fall out.
It is important that you check the tuckshop menu you have at home to ensure that you have the most up-to-date menu.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Last reviewed 14 December 2021
Last updated 14 December 2021